Enter Your “Epic”


Enter to Win the EpicEveryDay Adventure Fund


We want to help you do something “Epic”.  Enter your “Epic” dream, adventure or experience and you will qualify to win the Adventure Fund.  If you win, your “Epic” will be posted on our Facebook page to inspire others!!! 


The first $2,000 EpicEveryDay Adventure Fund has been awarded.  HERE’S THE WINNER

The second Adventure Fund Award is in the works.  Submit your “Epic”.


Where’s the money come from to stock the Adventure Fund?

We sell shirts, stickers and wrist bands with our mantra.  Profits from sales go into the Adventure Fund and and are used to make your “Epic” come true.  We also spread the Epic word at EpicEveryDay events.  Our goal is to sell enough EpicEveryDay stuff to keep the Adventure Fund full so we can give away an “Epic” every month!

Epic doesn’t mean extreme.   EpicEveryDay means living life to it’s fullest.  This is different for everyone.  For some it’s 24 hour adventure races, climbing mountains, surfing monster waves, mentoring a child or rescuing an homeless animal.  For others it’s finishing their first 5k while running a business and raising a family. 


Everyone that enters will receive an EpicEveryDay “super power” neoprene wrist band.


Adventure Fund Entry Form

Epic is simply, “Experiencing life. Doing what you love, and doing it often. Do something EpicEveryDay!”