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THE Life iS aRt SERIES – EpicEveryDay Events


The foundation of EpicEveryDay is that our “Life is Art”.

A picture, a painting, a song are all beautiful things, but truly, the most beautiful thing in this world is the way we move through it. Our life is art. Each individual is their own Picasso.


The “Life iS aRt SERIES” is is a celebration of our life, our art.  Our first event was hosted by EpicEveryDay Team Leader, Jill Kennedy at lululemon Athletica.   Jill rocked the house with an Epic yoga flow and everyone that attended left inspired, sporting EpicEveryDay neoprene arm bands.  Pictures/Video


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EpicEveryDay supports events that help people fulfill their dreams. From short 5K races to 100 mile mountain bike races to meditation retreats we support everyone doing something EpicEveryday.


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