EpicEveryDay was created out of difficult circumstances as a reminder to myself to not give up and to “Do Something EpicEveryDay.”

On the surface I was a very successful businessman with a beautiful wife, fancy cars, big home etc…….and I was miserable.  The outside was all an act.  Throw a motorcycle wreck, subsequent addiction to pain killers, a divorce, a few family deaths and crashing economy in the mix and I found myself waking up in an unfamiliar place.

Christmas 2009 I was sitting alone in my room, in rehab.  The universe had hit me over the head with a sledge hammer and forced me to find a new path to travel.  I made up my mind to never go back to a lifestyle where I chased $ instead of my dreams.  Deep in my soul I knew this was an opportunity to put all my passion and energy into living a dream.  The kind of dream where the search for happiness, peace and adventure is the goal, not the outcome.

I started putting sticky notes everywhere that said, “Do Something EpicEveryDay”.  It wasn’t long before I made a couple t-shirts as more reminders to myself.   Everywhere I went people stopped me and asked me where I got them.  I would share my story with them and I saw something amazing happen.  I would tell them I made the shirt as a reminder to myself and that I was starting my life over at 39 with the the goal of “doing something epic everyday.”  I’ve seen people cry, hug me, smile, get goosebumps and some have asked me to talk to friends or family members about “starting over”.  There is a consistent theme.  Almost everyone said, “I wish I could do that.”

Seeing people’s reactions motivated me to start EpicEveryDay.com.  I have funded the EpicEveryDay Adventure Fund with $2,000 for the first “Epic”.   My goal is to see profits from the sale of merchandise fund one adventure a month and sponsor EpicEveryDay events around the world.   And, in doing this motivate people to live their dreams.  

A short video from our first EpicEveryDay event at lululemon with myself and EpicEveryDay Team Leader Jill Kennedy -